Archibald Ross Lewis

Archibald Ross Lewis (1914-1990) was a historian, World War II Veteran, professor, and author. He wrote 14 books,[1] and more than 100 articles.[2] As a professor he taught at the University of South Carolina, University of Texas, and University of Massachusetts, in that order.[3]


Early life and military serviceEdit

Archibald Ross Lewis was born on August 25, 1914, in Bronxville, New York.[4] He enrolled at Princeton, where he earned his bachelor's degree (1936), Master's Degree (1939), and Doctoral Degree (1940).[5] Lewis served for 5 years in World War Two, working in field artillery. He retired as a lieutenant colonel. During the War he was awarded a Croix de Guerre, a bronze star, and five battle stars.[6] Most of what we know about his military service comes from his book, War in The West, which he wrote shortly before he died of a heart attack in 1990. The book itself was not published until 1992.[7]

Time as a professorEdit

Lewis first served at the university of South Carolina. Afterwards he was a professor at University of Texas for 16 years, and then University of Massachusetts for another 16 years,


  • Nomads and Crusaders, A.D. 1000–1368
  • European Naval and Maritime History, 300–1500
  • Development of Southern French and Catalan Society, 718–1050
  • Emerging Medieval Europe, A.D. 400–1000
  • Knights and Samurai
  • Aspects of the Renaissance


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