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The current page is at Wikipedia:Press coverage 2021.

This set of pages lists press coverage of Wikipedia that covers or discusses Wikipedia as a project – that is, any aspect of Wikipedia overall, such as its structure, success, information, goals, history, or views on Wikipedia in general, and so on.

Press sources that reference content of a particular Wikipedia article but do not discuss the project itself should be noted on the talk page of the referenced Wikipedia article using the template {{Press}}. Great quotes from articles that enhance the reputation of Wikipedia should be included in our Trophy box.

Note: If there are errors in a news article, then please post the matter to the Wikimedia Communications Committee's talk page. This way, the Wikimedia Foundation can send an official letter to the editor, or request for a correction.

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The easiest way to search is to subscribe to a realtime Google Alert for "Wikipedia."

Alternatively perform a search for "Wikipedia" on -

How to add entries to the pageEdit

The current page is at Wikipedia:Press coverage 2021.

If you add an article, cite both the title and the source. Note that if you're listing an article from a traditional press wire service that ran in your local newspaper, it may not have the same title everywhere; be cautious about duplicates.

Add your entry to the end of the page, using Template:Cite news. The template, with the most commonly used parameters, is:

{{cite news |first= |last= |authorlink= |coauthors= |title= |url= |work=  |publisher= Example News |date= |accessdate=2021-03-04 |quote=Relevant/representative quote here. }}

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